If you are unable to offer financial assistance, there are numerous ways to be involved in creating our sacred space and helping our work. Donations of any of these items would be greatly appreciated, here is what we need / use on a monthly basis as well as a list of other items that we are looking for to improve our temple space. If you can help with any of these, please contact us today!

Temple Donations:

Rugs - Any kind or size of throw rugs will be appreciated.
Pillows - Larger sizes of pillows, suitable for sitting on.
Shelves, tables or cabinets - suitable for storage or display.
Tablecloths or Altar cloths - for our food table and altars.
Computers or laptops - Spare computers, monitors or laptops in good condition to use for Elemental Office usage or other purposes.
Printer - to help create our booklets and flyers
Decorations or Deity figures - We welcome the multitudes of Goddess and Gods, help us show it!


Propane - During the colder months we use propane for heating.
Coffee singles, tea or hot cocoa packets - for social time.
Juice or snacks - for libations or also for social time
Small cups - for libations
Charcoal - for incense during circles
Candles - we can never have too many candles!
Incense - Got a custom blend to share?
Printer Ink - We currently need HP 74 Black and 75 Color
Printer Paper - Recycled would be great!


We have need for volunteers to help us with many of our events! If you'd like to give an hour or two of your time, here are the things you can help us with. If you can volunteer, please contact our Office of Fire.

Psychic Fairs - We always need people who can read, channel, interpret or otherwise for our psychic fairs.

Festivals - We participate in several festivals during the year and besides needing readers for them, we need people who can assist in setup, breakdown and staffing the booth at the various events.

MoonCraft, Open Circle - We welcome people who would like to share their traditions or ceremonies with us, so if you'd like to participate in this way, please let us know! Additionally, there are opportunities to help by being a Circle guardian or in other ways such as cleanup following an event.

Temple Work Parties - We like to keep the Temple in good condition as befitting Sacred Space, so we plan several work days per year to help with the physical maintenance or upkeep of the temple.