Directors - Bios

Our Directors serve as the other half of our Board, along with the Elemental Offices. The Directors each have a vote and are actively involved in the daily workings of the Church. Each part of the Board serves to balance out the other, in a democratic system of checks and balances.


I discovered Paganism in the 1996-97 time frame. I was interested in my Welsh heritage and went to the internet to learn about Wales . One search led to another and then another and so on until I ran into Welsh Pagan sites. My interest became a pursuit. As I learned more, I came to realize that my lifestyle and spirituality were as one and fit very neatly in this newfound religion. This realization is that my life goals are found on my spiritual path.

I grew up as the eldest child of a serviceman. My family moved quite a bit as I was growing and so I got to see a good chunk of the world. After high school, I entered the service myself which began me on my path although I did not realize it at the time. I continued to move around until I ended up in Utah in the mid-80s. Although I officially resided in Utah since then, I had the opportunity to live in other places including abroad. All of my experience growing up helped me in keeping my mind open to different ideas and lifestyles. On the other hand, all my previous spiritual pursuits ended in failure.

I openly declared my faith around the year 2000, a move that cost me some friends. I am proud to be in the service of the Goddess, especially my Goddess. I remained a solitary until I joined Sacred Circle in 2007. Although I have learned so much since, I feel I am
still a neophyte upon seeing how much more there is to know.

I am thankful to the Church of the Sacred Circle , it's members, and many others for their friendship, guidance, and assistance. It's an honor to be associated with such wonderful people.


I was born and raised out side of Chicago more years ago than I care to remember. I graduated from USU in 1978 with a degree in Geography. I stayed in Logan after I graduated and worked in maintenance. I have worked in maintenance ever since. I have been in a supervisory position for quite a few years now.
I have organized the installation and start up of over 5 different companies over the past 30 years. I have worked with the media on several different occasions. I am fairly computer literate and still learning.

I have been following the Solitary Wiccan path for 30 years and have just recently come out of the broom closet with a few of my close friends.

Medicine Wolf
I was born in Utah but raised LDS in Oregon. I attended Utah State University and went on a mission to Argentina in the early 1990s, after which I went back to school and graduated from USU with a double major in liberal arts and in Spanish. I met my husband and best friend Dean, in 1997 and we began dating in 1998 and were wed in 1999 and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. I continued attending Church every week, but was also extremely interested in Wicca and in reading everything I could about it and practicing spells when I had the time. I thought it actually enhanced my LDS beliefs.

I also have an extreme interest in anything that is Traditional Native American. About the time Dean and I got married, we also started learning about natural healing and herbs from our neighbors, so years ago, I chose the name Medicine Wolf as a craft name, because of the interest in healing I have, and also because the wolf is my main animal totem.

In February 2004, our daughter Trisha was born, on Dean's 48th birthday, February 26th. She is a joy and light to us and everyone around her. We discovered the Church of the Sacred Circle in 2007 and have been attending ever since. I consider myself to be a Christian Witch.