MoonCraft Full Moon Circle

We offer a monthly Full Moon ritual, which is usually held on the Sunday afternoon closest to the full moon during each month. We celebrate together in many ways, through song, poetry, meditation, sacred art and crafting of personal spells and ritual items. We support the individual's journey to Spirit in a family-friendly community.

Sacred Circle is non-denominational in that we do not place any single path or tradition over another. We strive for balance and recognize both male and female deities in our workings. We welcome a diverse range of individuals into our Temple.

Everyone is encouraged to attend, from members of the public to interested seekers and beginners alike!  All ages are accepted in our circle and we are very family friendly. MoonCraft is where we share our traditions with each other, and so every circle is different! You don't need to dress in a particular way or bring anything with you when you come.

We may also invite leaders of other traditions or other circles to come and share their ceremonies with us as well. If you have a ritual, ceremony or example of your tradition that you would like to share with us at a MoonCraft event, please feel free to contact our Office of Fire Avalon at 801-661-1710 or at fire ()  to discuss your ideas.

Blessed be from the heart of the God and Goddess!

Slideshow from previous MoonCraft Events