Project A.R.E.S. Ritual Kits for Pagan Military

Project A.R.E.S. is dedicated to providing spiritual assistance to military personnel in the form of pocket-sized ritual kits which can be easily transported and kept on one's person. The kits are designed to serve the needs of enlisted personnel of many different Earth-based religious traditions.

The initials A.R.E.S stand for A Ritual for Enlisted Soldiers, in addition to being the name of the Greco-Roman God of War.

Please Note! Although the name says for Enlisted soldiers, all military personnel are eligible to receive a kit. This is what happens when you have non-military people naming projects, sorry!

Why Ritual Kits?

There are a great many groups offering spiritual assistance to military persons. The vast majority of the support offered, however, is based in Christianity. We would like to provide an alternative to those people who are of Earth-based religions. The ritual kits were created as a way for our soldiers to bring their faith with them wherever they go.

What Earth-based religions do you support?

The kits were created to allow many different Earth-based faiths to benefit from them. We have included a generic ritual of protection, as well as including sacred writings from Celtic, Greco-Roman, Nordic and Egyptian backgrounds. Thus we include Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Asatru, Druids, Kemetic, Stregha, Ceremonialists and many other Earth-based faiths.

Project A.R.E.S. is intended to be a long-term project supporting our covenmates, kin and kindred in the military, regardless of the current state of political affairs.

My group/coven/kindred/I would like to help!
We encourage covens, kindreds or other groups to create and contribute entire kits or materials to the project. If you would like to contribute entire kits or simply a portion of the materials required, please contact us at the address below for guidelines or suggestions for donations. If you would like to donate via Paypal, our donation address is donations () sacredcirclechurch dot com - please earmark your donation specifically to Project A.R.E.S.

How do I contact you?
Our esteemed board member Bill has recently retired from the military, and he has taken on the responsibility for the kits, you may snail-mail or email him at the addresses below.

The Church of the Sacred Circle
Project A.R.E.S.
1042 E. Fort Union Blvd.
Suite #499
Midvale, UT 84047

email ares at sacredcirclechurch dot com to order kits for yourself or for your troops.