Code of Ethics

 Deity charges us individually to take responsibility for our own actions. All members and officers of The Church of the Sacred Circle are expected to observe the rules of self-responsibility and participate in all Church-sponsored events with this in mind.

We will condone no harm being done to children in the name of our religion, nor do we approve of harm being done to children in the name of any religion or through neglect or verbal, sexual or physical abuse. Our children are the cherished treasures of the community and should be afforded every opportunity to participate in all events as appropriate.

We believe that everything is alive throughout time and that this life force should be respected. We recognize that there are often circumstances which require us to face difficult ethical and moral dilemmas, and believe that choices made under these circumstances should be made with full consideration in an effort to minimize harmful effects. 

All members of The Church of the Sacred Circle must read, sign, and abide by the following Code of Ethics: 

A. I will consider my pledged word sacred. 

B. I will respect all others' rights to freedom in all areas, including safety, privacy, and philosophy.

C. I will respect the life of this planet.

D. I will seek to repair that which I have damaged and to make amends to those whom I have harmed, to the best of my abilities. 

E. Honesty is valuable. I will remember this in thought, word, and deed. 

F. I will not knowingly bring harm to the Church of the Sacred Circle or any of its members. 

G. The willful transgression of the above Code of Ethics shall be grounds for the termination of membership by the judicial board of The Church of the Sacred Circle.