Annual Events

We sponsor many different workshops throughout the year, from the ever-popular soap making to cloak making, book binding, mead crafting and much more!

New Years' Eve Party 
We kick off the beginning of the calendar year in style, with another adult-oriented event. One of only two 21-and-over restricted events of the whole calendar.

The Year Spell
Held during the ritual date which is closest to the Full Moon in January, the Year Spell helps us to bring our hopes and wishes for the turning of the wheel into focus in a concrete way.

Introduction to Paganism & Wicca
This popular and informative class happens once a year in the springtime.  A six-week introduction to the history, theory and practice of modern Earth based religions, it generally fills up quickly.

Summer Drumming
What more to say? Drums, campfires, night games and late nights in the sweet summer air.. a very irregularly scheduled event but so much fun when it happens!

Family Camp Out
We love to go up to our beautiful mountains together and spend time in the woods!  Every year in the late summer we have a camping weekend with all the families together.

Charmed Goddesses Camp Out
Just for the ladies! A chance to get away and relax in the beauty of nature and enjoy the sisterhood of women.

Samhain Carnival 
Every October, we put on a Samhain Carnival for kids of all ages. The Carnival features games, contests, crafts, face painting, a photo booth and even a haunted bounce house! Enormously popular with our younger set, this event never fails to bring out the childlike, fun-loving nature of anyone attending. 

Samhain Party 
Once the Carnival has passed, it's time for those in the over-21 range to get their party on! What happens at the Samhain Party, stays at the Samhain Party (unless pictures are involved!)

Yule Family Fundraiser
Every year we select a family or families from our community who may be in need of a little more support and love during the holiday season. We hold a fundraising dinner in November to raise some financial gifts for them, and also collect gift donations and other needed items, which are then delivered at Yule.

Yule Party
A fun, social gathering where we can celebrate just being together in community. Held near the Winter Solstice, we have a potluck dinner and the Holly King will come to visit the young and the young at heart.