Destiny Written in the Stars

Article Date: Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Consulting various oracles is a time-honored pagan tradition when important dates or decisions are at hand, and I am no stranger to the voice of the cards, the stark mysteries of the runes or the hypnotic swing of a pendulum. However, there is one oracle which many find difficult to master, and even after years of study, I am the first to admit that I am still only a student of the horary arts. Astrology has been made far more accessible to individuals in recent years with the advent of personal computing, however, the interpretations are still subject to individual inspiration and communion with the sacred divine. Many astrologers will cast a chart and then let Goddess or God speak through them in the same manner as other divinators, in order to help guide the querent with the voice of Deity. Rarely are there aspects which present themselves so concretely that interpretation is not left to chance or inspiration, where one can truly say that the outcome was "written in the stars".

This very evening (Wed. March 28th, 2007), I was inspired to cast the chart of the "time of birth" of the yurt, which is to say the time of the start of our MoonCraft rite this Sunday, April first at 4:30 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time. After spending a bit of time looking at the aspects and planetary configuration, I was completely astonished to find this:

A literal, cosmic picture of our new structure, complete with magical pentagram!

This pattern is known in astrology as the pattern of the Seer. It refers to one whose destiny is in the areas of psychic awareness and the "big Mind", known in Jungian circles as the "collective unconscious". This is a rare and extraordinary event, and I can only say that I find it to be a powerful configuration of planets and a wonderful symbol of cosmic blessing on our new structure.

One thing that is very nice about astrology as an oracle is that unlike many other methods, the underlying patterns are completely reproducible by others, so for the technically-minded, here is the complete chart data:

Sacred Circle Yurt
4:30 PM, MDT

The Seer configuration in this chart involves the following five planets:

Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which can be seen as archetypeally representing the God (Sun) the Goddess (Moon) the Guide (Jupiter) the Teacher (Saturn) and the Idealist (Neptune).

Some other interesting patterns in this chart include a Grand Trine in the Fire signs. A Grand Trine is considered to be a sign of great compassion, like the love of a Bodhisattva and is a very fortunate aspect.

Two Grand Kites - Kites are considered to be the sign of a high-flyer, and are a very positive pattern to have in a chart. This chart has TWO!

Double T - A double T is considered to be a very rare and lucky aspect, indicating a seminal event!

I hope that you will join us for this historic occasion!

Rev. Heron