Participate in our Community

How to Participate

Participation at our events is easy! You are not required to be a member to attend events, teach at workshops, help with full moons, attend meetings (with some exceptions)
or be on a committee! If you would like to participate, simply find a circle leader who
will announce themselves at the beginning of each event, and let them know!

Here are some ways you can help!

At Mooncraft Full Moons:

We always need volunteers for setup, cleanup, during ceremonies for
elemental or directional calls or helping with libations!

At Sacred Circle Workshops:

We need workshop teachers! If you have a special area of knowledge or
a skill that you would like to share, please let us know!
We also need childcare volunteers, help with
organizing and publicizing, setup and cleanup crews!

Most meetings are open to interested people to attend.
We are especially looking for new members of
our Events committee!
Some meetings are not open to the general public.

See our Donations - in - Kind page for more ways to participate and get involved!