Psychic Faires

Our Psychic Faires were started in 2007, and have grown to be some of our most popular events, drawing people from all around Utah, and from as far away as Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada to attend.

We host a Psychic Faire at the Temple twice a year, and also travel to some of the summer festivals and offer readings. Our Spring Fling is typically held in April or May, and the Fall Faire is held in late September or early October. We also usually have a booth at the  Earth Jam festival in April and at Earth Dance in September.

During these events, we offer many different types of readings, including astrological birth charts, tarot, fairy and animal oracles, crystal readings and mediums. Generally we also have one or two healers present offering Reiki or massage.

We are always looking for talented readers to share their insights, for healing hands and for vendors who wish to take part in our events. If you would like to be present at one of our Psychic Faires, please contact our Events Coordinator, the Office of Fire, Avalon at 801-661-1710.

Here is a slideshow of some of our past psychic faires: