All those who support the mission and purpose of Sacred Circle are welcome to apply for membership. 

To become a member you must:
Sign the prescribed Code of Ethics.
Provide a current legal name, email and mailing address;
Pay annual membership dues as described below.

Single Adult Membership - $23/year
Family Membership - $33/year

Family membership is defined as 2 or more individuals who reside full-time in the same household.

Fill out the online membership application 

All members of Sacred Circle shall be entitled to the following:
Membership in a 501c3 church.
Access to networking and educational information;
Discounts on services and rentals from the Church and its Clergy.
After one year of active membership, you will be able to vote
on all matters that are put forward to the membership to decide.

Q. Do I have to give up membership in my other groups/traditions etc.?
A. Absolutely not. We have no loyalty pledges or oaths of secrecy. Membership is
open to all who share the common vision of working toward a larger goal. We do
not demand nor expect exclusivity. We support openness, sharing of resources
and networking between both leaders and laypeople alike. We encourage
and support diversity as critical to a healthy community.

Q. What if I am not of age?
A. Children under the age of eighteen whose family does not belong to Sacred Circle must have the signed and notarized permission of at least one parent or legal guardian in order to become an enrolled member. Children under the age of twelve attending events at which children are permitted must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian, or be part of a family membership. Since our circles are open to the public, any person of any age may attend our circles at any time. 

Our Commitment to Diversity and Openness

Membership and participation in Sacred Circle, attendance at public or semi-public activities, and participation in any program, shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race, ancestry, color, physical disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation, but may be denied to individuals practicing creeds inimical to the beliefs, philosophy or lifestyle of the members of the Church of the Sacred Circle.